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Our Story

Random Socks

You’re probably thinking, “Why do you sell random socks? That seems odd.” Well, we thought so too…and then we got an idea. We make custom socks for different sports teams, fraternities and sororities, organizations, and events. Since we’re only human, we make mistakes (once in a great while). Whether it’s simply making too many, missing a stitch or misprinting a logo, we have all these extra pairs of socks that are only 99.9% perfect, but 100% awesome. To make up for that 0.1%, why not give sock connoisseurs like yourself the ability to buy socks online? Our socks almost always ship in pairs, but sometimes we might surprise you. That’s the fun of Random Socks!

Me Love Socks Long Time.

Our Socks

Random Socks

Now, we know the word “Random” is scary to some people, but the risk is totally worth the reward.  They might be short, tall, striped, pink, yellow, animal printed, polka dotted or printed with a lion face, but one thing is certain:

They will be Awesome.

I need socks in my life

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Here at Random Socks we love selfies…well, sock selfies. Sockfies?  Let’s show everyone how a great pair of socks can change the world.  Just upload a picture to social media with hashtag #randomsocks of your feet looking all fly in your new Random Socks, and you’ll be featured right here!

Peer Pressure. Must Have Socks.

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